We are India's Largest Water Well Drilling Company

The worldwide answer to simultaneous drilling, casing driving and reliable sampling through difficult consolidated and unconsolidated bouldary formations like those encountered in Kandi belt of Jammu, Kashmir, Akhnoor, Nurpur, Jawali, Una, Nalagarh, Poanta, Pathankot, Talwara, Nangal, Kalka, Pinjore, Panchkula, Yamuna Nagar, Dehradun, Haldwani, Nainital and other similar areas.


The Dual Rotary Drilling is the final option over conventional percussion drilling for making heavy duty tubewells in the bouldary and conglomeratic strata of valleys in the mountains and kandi/Bhabhar belt of India. The days of keeping casing pipe free at regular interval, fear of bending casing shoes and ordeal of extracting casing pipes of percussion drilling are over now. The Dual Rotary Rig 24 HD has a unique system of placing casing pipe simultaneously to drilling by way of giving it a rotary motion. The patented carbide shoe welded onto the casing cuts through boulders, hard formations or even bed rock independently of drilling string without destructive forces being applied to casing. A casing upto 24" dia can be installed against caving strata. The drilling string of this rig is equipped to handle down-the-hole hammer, drag bit or a rolling cone rock bit attached with specially designed 10" dia drill rods. The versatility of this unique, innovative and specially designed drilling rig makes it one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of drilling holes in difficult formations such as KANDIS' of India.


Fastest drilling rates possible in boulder strata - a 1300 ft. tubewell in 15 days time
16"-24" dia bore hole assured
Low development time required
High well efficiency obtained


Latest in Our Endevour to achieve and believe in technology of water well drilling industry in India. We introduced India's deepest Direct Rotary Rig DR-2500 for water well industry. It's capacity to go the depth's of 1 Km is a bench mark in water well Industry in India. Due to increased demand for water coupled with the need to tackle the problem of exhausted/overexploited shallow aquifer potential, it was a breakthrough in drilling and tubewell construction technology in India when the Company introduced Reverse Circulation Rig of 1500 ft. depth/32 inch diameter capacity for tapping deeper virgin aquifers and a compatible Compressor of 1400 CFM@350 PSI capacity for effective well development. With this combination, the Company assures successful construction of tubewells upto 1500 ft. depth in alluvial areas to obtain optimal yield. TheOverdevelopment Pumps and Compressors of varyingcapacity are available to suit completion of tubewells in different areas. The Company is fully equipped with a workshop for all kind of machine shop jobs, slot cuttingmachine, welding sets etc.


In order to eliminate the failure rates, potential sites are pinpointed with the help of Geophysical Equipment that can Investigate & Infer the type of formations upto 1200 ft. Depth and the Interpretation is done using latest computer software in this field supported by hydrogeological investigation. The designing of the tubewells is done scientifically with the help of Electronic Well Logger that demarcates accurately the potential granular zones confirming the quality & quantity of the available groundwater. Today, the Company is proud to be instrumental in installation of more than 5000 successful deep tubewells in all type of areas spread over in Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Jammu & Kashmir and Chandigarh for government, semigovernment, industrial houses and private individuals.